The Grundig Satellit 2000 has been in production from 1973 - 1975. The portable set is 46 x 27 x 12 cm slightly bigger then it's predecessor and has a weight of 6,3 kg without batteries. This is a refurbished piece that has been tested and is in working condition.
This 1954 RCA "Strato-World" Model 3-BX-671 short wave radio has been refurbished and tested and is in working condition. This is very nice RCA Victor 3-BX-671 Superheterodyne Shortwave Radio well known as a "STRATO-WORLD" This radio has chassis number Rc 112 , 5 RVU 274. This is top of the lines RCA 7-Band receiver for Navigation/Marine Band, Weather, Standard Broadcast and Shortwave.

This mid-century GE Clock Radio with phono input has been refurbished, tested and in working condition.
The Crosley D-25 "Coloradio" (nicknamed the "Dashboard" radio due to it's automotive inspired motif) was released in 1952. The cabinet is painted bakelite and came in a variety of colors this one is a chartreuse (light green). In Canada these were manufactured by Moffats and/or Brand & Millen. A classic tube sounding radio and great looking!

The Marconi 181A was manufactured in 1940. The cabinet is in good condition and the radio is in good working condition.
This is a vintage RCA Victor "Nipper" table model radio. The radio measures 11.25 inches x 7 inches x 6.25 inches, circa 1950's. The radio is in good working condition.

This vintage circa 1945 and extremely nice looking Stromberg-Carlson tube bakelite AM radio is in excellent working condition. This Stromberg-Carlson is known as the "FROGY" because of it's unique style. The cabinet is made of bakelite and is chocolate marble brown in color. The cabinet is crack and chip free.

This 1936 RCA Victor Model 5T-3 in good working condition.