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Joseph Hovsepian, an Armenian, built his first crystal radio at the age of 12 and his first battery-operated tube radio at the age of 15 in Greece, where he was born.

After his military service as a wireless engineer (aircraft radios), he immigrated to Canada in 1960 where he was married in 1963. He left Canadair at that time to start his own business in Montreal: Radio Hovsep, located at 5945 av du parc.

His store is a landmark and a museum itself! Joseph specializes in portable multi-band shortwave radios and traditional hi-fidelity sound equipment (tuners, amplifiers, turntables and tape recorders). "Radio Hovsep" repairs radios (tubes and transitor) and also carries an enormous inventory of tubes and electronic components that cannot be found anywhere else since the Payette Radio closed in 1981.

If you have the opportunity, stop by his store for some remarkable memories and reminiscences.

by Remi Glorieux

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